I have looked forward to the Asian Festival since last year! I wasn’t able to go last year due to work. This year, however, I am my own boss and I gave myself the day to photograph a truly magical festival!

First of all, the shows were amazing! Every single one of them. All sorts of performances from different Asian countries! I extremely excited that I got to watch part of the Monkey King ( a very famous opera in China). Every single show was memorizing.

Second? There was so. much. food.. I wanted bubble tea so much I couldn’t stand it. I can’t have it any more due to my milk allergy, however, there were a lot of other options (including vegan) that were available! Food from all over Asia was there and I wish I could of sampled so much more of it! Maybe next year!

So, check out the rad photos I got at one of my new favorite festivals here in Knoxville! Feel free to share with friends and family!

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